Do you remember that one special day, watching on as your father—just a boy of about nine, in his short pants and white suede Bucks—tried his first fondue? Neither do I. But it's likely it happened at a place like The Matterhorn, whose menu I came across at a jumble sale this Spring. The address given is 3 NE 82nd at E Burnside, so I'm pretty sure it's no longer there, particularly since Google Street View shows that to be a used car lot called something like CRAZY HZMERDIN'S HURRY HURRY GET IN GET IN PAY YOU GO NOW.

I found a slew of these menus—Sylvia's, Jake's (ca. 1960), Jerry's Gable, to name just a few—so as time permits, I'll take terrible pictures of them on my kitchen table, screw those up in Photoshop, and present my discoveries to you here. Wander down the page and marvel at just how cheap it used to be to eat pure fat while your kids threw things on the floor.