Morning Ritual (Via)
  • Morning Ritual (Via)

HoloceneMorning Ritual, DoublePlusGood, Charts, Kiffo, Rymes, 8:30 pm, $6
Ash Street Saloon–Alto, Million Brazilians, Fred Meyer, 9 pm, $5
Dante's–The Oblivians, Mean Jeans, The Pynnacles, Sex Crime, 9 pm, $13
Jade Lounge–Adam Brock, 7 pm
Ecotrust–Onuinu, Adventure Galley, 5 pm
Katie O'Brien's–Kepi Ghoulie, Dog Party, The Bloodtypes, Primitive Idols, 6 pm, $5-7, all ages
Mississippi Studios–Modern Kin, Pictorials, 9 pm, free
Slabtown–Comaserfs, 8 pm