I'm making it rain tickets to TrancePDX's David Lynch night, which is going down tomorrow night! I have two pairs of tickets for this giveaway. Email me by 3:30 pm today with the subject line "Fuck that Shit" and I'll pick a couple of rando winners. Free stuff!

The TrancePDX series is showing some cool films like The Warriors tonight, and The Crow and Enter the Dragon on Sunday night at the Mission. But it's tomorrow's screening of Blue Velvet and a new documentary about David Lynch's love of transcendental mediation that sounds like the pick of the series. Meditation, Creativity, Peace follows the director on a 16-country tour of speaking engagements as he talks about his films and meditation. Dude is really into trans med. But really, even if you have zero interest in woo-woo matters, It kinda doesn't matter what Lynch is talking about because the goofball is a delight to listen to even if he's just talking about the weather. So, yeah, this should be aces!

TrancePDX's screening of Meditation, Creativity, Peace (7 pm, FREE), and
Blue Velvet (9:15 pm, $7)
Saturday, July 13
Mission Theater, 1624 NW Glisan