Sharknado inspires more tweets than Game of Thrones' "Red Wedding"—because... DUH.

Behold! Some of Sharknado's best GIFs and Vines!

Sharknado star Ian Ziering shocked by Sharknado success... but not enough to skip his gig at Chippendale's.


Damon Lindelof offers to write Sharknado sequel, Syfy offers to pay him "very little."

Here are some of the best celebrity Sharknado tweets.

Sharknado director Anthony C. Ferrante talks about how Sharknado was made, Sharknado's success, and a Sharknado sequel:

“I mean, what do you do after Sharknado? You’ve got to up the ante. I don’t want to compare this to Star Wars, but if this is Star Wars, then you’ve got to make Empire Strikes Back — whatever version of that Empire Strikes Back is of a Sharknado sequel. Number twos are usually pretty damn good.”

And finally, a senior scientist at NOAA's National Severe Storms Laboratory insists that an actual "Sharknado" is physically impossible. SHUT... UP, STUPID SENIOR SCIENTIST!!

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