PACIFIC RIMS HANNIBAL CHAU God bless you, Ron Perlman. God bless you.
  • PACIFIC RIM'S HANNIBAL CHAU God bless you, Ron Perlman. God bless you.

PACIFIC RIM "P.S. Hey Erik did you like Pacific Rim, I couldn't quite tell from your review," a friend added at the end of an email yesterday, and to give an earnest answer to her sarcastic question, YES, I DID LIKE IT, I LIKED IT VERY MUCH, EVERYONE SHOULD GO SEE PACIFIC RIM.

CAIRO 678 Marjorie Skinner writes about a particularly timely screening of a particularly timely film, considering Egyptian women are currently enduring what the Guardian calls "a period of unprecedented abuse."

THE WAY, WAY BACK Rose Finn DID NOT CARE FOR THIS FILM AT ALL. Even though the Dean from Community wrote it? Even though the Dean from Community wrote it.

GROWN UPS 2 The Mercury was told that critics wouldn't be allowed at the advance screening of this... but canny critic Eric D. Snider got in anyway, which means BOOM! We've got a review! NICE TRY, SANDLER! Here's Eric's review; it's about as favorable as one would expect:

Adam Sandler's first sequel is even lazier, dumber, and less funny than his usual fare. It's worse than Grown Ups, for heaven's sake. Without even the semblance of a plot, this pointless dreck provides Sandler and his buddies with a day's worth of mundane mini-adventures, mostly in the form of comedy setups without payoffs. Gags arise out of nowhere, add nothing, then disappear. Gaping logical flaws that could be fixed with a line of dialogue are ignored. Boobs are ogled. There is no recognizable human behavior. If I didn't know better, I'd swear the filmmakers hate comedy. ERIC D. SNIDER

(Sort of related to Grown Ups 2: Rob Schneider's appearance on Marc Maron's WTF! It's interesting!)

There's more, as ever, in Film Shorts, and here are your Movie Times. In conclusion, see Pacific Rim. It'll remind you that going to movies can be really, really fun.