Worst Night Ever: Mormons! On a Boat!


Theory 1: Blogtown voters are more interested in reading an interesting account of something we're curious about, rather than just making your lives miserable. Sure, going to that Mt Tabor protest would have been miserable and annoying, but reading any more about those people would also have been miserable and annoying.

Theory 2: The uncomfortable bit isn't when you go to the event, but when you have to spend a couple of hours trying to make it sounds interesting.
From reading Dirk's reporting on Camp Cascadia, even that wouldn't have been too bad. Hanging out with some people who care about the quality of life of their fellow person and watching the sun set from Mt Tabor?!? Holy fucking shit, it's the goddamned Hanoi Hilton.

As much as you can try and call out the voters for voting for xenophobic other-baiting (BTW, totes agree with you), we were only voting on the options given to us, by you, the Mercury staff.

So to bring this back around on the religious front, I'd refer you to Matthew 7:3 "And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?"
Never been a big fan of Worst Night Ever for that exact reason -- like, sending Courtney to a Christian home schooling thing, zzzz -- but I think this was worth it for Erik's treatise on Mormonism alone.
First, I voted for Camp Cascadia. Twice.

Second, the choices seem to be unusually mild this year. I was also confused how meeting eager women on a boat on a beautiful evening could be a legit WNE.
This post was great! It was interesting and enjoyable to read. However, that's not really in the spirit of WNE. It had insufficient amounts of humiliation, fear, discomfort and suffering.

Less other-baiting! More terrible things!
I predicted this exact outcome and am pleased by the results. Good read, Erik.

I propose we simply change it to Best Night Ever and then Alison can go to the cat circus, Marjorie can go shopping at Imelda's, Dirk can go on a tandem bike ride with Blabby, etc etc.
Erik would've tried to convince us that spending an afternoon mopping up and wiping down the video booths at Fat Cobra was "pretty OK."
Other possible improvements to Worst Night Ever:

First Knight Forever - Epic Hecklevision.

Worst Fight Ever - Subject picks a fight with significant other over the topic of Blogtown's choosing.

Durst Night Ever - Requires no explanation.

The other options were a dance night and something Dirk covered anyway. Um, not exactly a breathtaking set of WNE options.
The uncomfortable part comes when you discover that the ghost hunter instantly fell in love with you and, when she arrived at the next event in the morning only to find no sight of you, she rejected her heavenly father and has since been in a Boone's Farm induced coma, never to awake.
COERCED NIGHT EVER - spend a night on the town drinking with Graham, Colin and me while we convince you to do exceedingly dangerous and embarrassing things.
I honestly hoped you would meet that special someone, or two, or three.. and happily settle down with your new clan to bring many new souls to Earth, to give up your heathen ways, and to be accepted back into the loving embrace of the tabernacle.

Durst Night Ever.


Isn't Erik a vegetarian? What about Wurst Night Ever--an afternoon spent in a sausage making shop.
PURSED NIGHT EVER: Erik in drag.
Immersed night ever? Erik has his nads dunked in a deep fryer?

Hearsed night ever? He has to help transport stiffs from the morgue to the cemetery and then bury them?
As the ghost hunter mentioned, I had a really fun time talking with you. Funny article.
Nursed Night Ever.

Erik must shadow a wet nurse for her full work day (and beyond if things go well!)