I listen to your podcast religiously. My mother actually introduced me to your podcast. She worked at Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin for almost a decade. She is amazing mother who is a beacon of support in my life. I now live on the west coast and didn't know about the new abortion laws going into effect in Wisconsin until your talked about them in the magnum "Savage Lovecast" (Podcast #350). I've always been proud of my home state—except that Walker fella—so it saddened me to hear about these ridiculous new laws.

I just wanted to thank you for giving me back my fire and passion about these subjects. It is easy to get upset about what is happening in Texas because it is infuriating but I felt less connected, like it wouldn't touch me. The new law in Wisconsin will undo what women like my mom fought so hard to achieve: safe and affordable reproductive health choices for women. I need to take action.

But as a young woman with little money and time, what would be the best way for me to demonstrate my support and take action?

Raised By My Own Judy Savage

My response after the jump...


There are three things you can do right now, RBMOJS.

Thing 1: Make a donation to Planned Parenthood.

People with $10 or less to spare may feel like their donation isn't big enough to make a difference. But for an organization like Planned Parenthood—a mainstream group painted as extremist by its enemies—total number of donors matters just as much as total number of dollars raised. A $10 donation may not add much money to any org's bottom line, but Planned Parenthood's smallest donor is just as valuable as the group's biggest donor when the group points to all their donors during battles with state legislators and anti-choice Republican governors. Your donation, however small, allows Planned Parenthood to count you among the millions and millions of American men and women who support their mission. If you can spare $10, RBMOJS, I urge you donate $5 to Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin and $5 to Planned Parenthood's national organization.

Thing 2: Write the state legislators in Wisconsin who represent the district where you grew up. (You can locate your legislators here.)

Tell these Wisconsin state reps and senators that you grew up in their district and that you may move back one day. More importantly, tell them you still have friends and relatives back in Wisconsin, voters who do live in their district, and you will be encouraging your friends and relatives to vote for or against them based on their votes for or against women's reproductive health and freedom.

Thing 3: Don't put off doing Thing 1 and Thing 2. Pretend they're a couple of hot twins and do 'em both right away.