I already made fun of R.I.P.D. once, and I promise that I wasn't planning on doing so again, but then, via FilmDrunk, I learned about NextMovie's mash-up of the remarkably terrible R.I.P.D. trailer* and clips from Men in Black, and... goddammit, you guys. Why are you making this so easy? Can't you at least attempt to conceal your creative bankruptcy?

R.I.P.D. isn't screening in time for us to run a timely review (it's being shown to critics on Thursday, the night before it opens), but we'll have a review next week. In the meantime, maybe remember the last time Ryan Reynolds made a movie that was based on a comic book that then wasn't screened for critics, or—no, no, there I go. Being a dick again. Sorry! Maybe it'll be fine! Best of luck to you, R.I.P.D.! I'm sure the Men in Black thing is just a coincidence. I mean, it's not like you guys are actually wearing black, or carrying sci-fi looking weapons, right? Wait, what? Oh.


*Mercury News Reporter Dirk VanderHart to me, unprompted, a week or two ago: "Holy shit, have you seen the trailer for... what is it? R.I... R.I. something? Yeah. R.I.P.D. Holy shit! What even is that?" And this is from a man who thought After Earth looked "pretty good."