Get it, "Purrs Thursday?" Kinda sounds like "First Thursday?" Never mind.

Cat lovers: The Oregon Humane Society is hosting a free evening of wine and Captain Morgan over fine art CATS!!! On August 1 from 5-8 pm at Tufenkian Carpets (515 NW 10th), you'll be able to meet adoptable kittehs (squeeee!), play cat trivia for prizes (!), and—maybe best of all—consult with an OHS cat behavior specialist and finally find out what your cat is telling you when she poops in the bathtub.

There'll also be a "kitty confessional" where you can give recorded testimony about what your cat's idiosyncrasies are (like pooping in the bathtub), footage from which may be chosen for use during the OHS Telethon or Festival de Tuna Cannes. Which, BY TEH WAY, is a new film festival for local cat videos (!), and if you've got 10 bucks for the entry fee and some cat rats running around, I see no reason why you should not submit a film. "Judges will be looking for suspense, romance, comedy and drama—all the typical ingredients of a cat’s life. Films will be judged on creativity, originality and the humane treatment of animals."

The top 20 videos, as determined by the judges, will screen at the Hollywood on August 22, and awards will be given for both the judges' final picks and audience choice. You might want to clear up your schedule for the immediate future, though: Entries are due by August 8. (Complete details here.)