Go team Honey Badger! According to Honey Badgers & Cobras: Women’s Arm Wrestling for Charity, "If you’re tall and tough you’re a Cobra, and if you’re small and mighty, a Honey Badger." I am clearly in the latter (victorious) camp, but if you'd like to challenge me, here's your chance. The Warrior Room is probably the most fun-loving gym experience I have ever had. Heavy on kettlebells, Tabata, and interval training, its classes are taught by hilarious brother-sister team Luke and Ashley Jensen, who preach the virtues of a work hard, play hard lifestyle: They'll give you a kickass workout, and then high five you over beers—like, they actually have a beer tap at the gym.

They also make a point of keeping their classes affordable (depending on which package you sign up for it breaks down to around $8-10/class), and the formula has paid off. When I first visited they were working out of a residential garage, and they've since graduated to a spacious gym in downtown Milwaukie with a lounge (beer) area and separated office space. They're putting their good attitudes to work September 14 with Honey Badgers & Cobras: Women’s Arm Wrestling for Charity, a competition benefiting Northwest Housing Alternatives. For the month of August they're offering a "Super Sexy Arm" class that specifically targets your arm wrestling muscles, and even includes the occasional bout. Looky-loos are welcome to attend, but with a $15 entry fee, you may as well go up to bat.