Wayward Vessel (Via)
  • Wayward Vessel (Via)

Ecotrust–Crystal Bowersox, Wayward Vessel, 5 pm
Dig a Pony–Pussy Control: Nathan Detroit, DJ Freaky Outty, 9 pm
East End–La Fin Absolute du Monde, Estocar, 9 pm
Habesha–From The Petrified Forest, U Sco, Pardee Shorts, Gaime, 9 pm
Holocene–Rigsketball Show and Tournament Finals: The Woolen Men, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Minden, Grandparents, Gaytheist, The We Shared Milk, Mister Tang, 6 pm, free
Main St. (Between SW Broadway & Park)–Music on Main Street: Y la Bamba, 5 pm, free