This Would Be Such a Great "Worst. Night. Ever."


Yeah, I don't really see what the big deal is. I sprinkle happiness a couple of times a week. Usually helps me sleep better.
What are talki... OH! THAT'S GROSS!
Hey Mr. Wm. Steven Humphrey, I was just thinking about you and .......

Sorry, dozed off for a sec.
Hey kind guy, good for you that you are so kind! This project is just a little bit of something that has brought joy to random people, without any desire for recruitment to a cause, or a cult or to get money or anything.... That a nice idea that has made so many people--dare I say--happy, or brought a smile to their face, or gave them a message just when they needed it pisses you off is kind of, well, sad. :( All you needed to do was delete the email and carry on. Take care.
Hey! Thanks SO much for this little blog! I am a happiness sprinkling ambassador and we have been so overwhelmed by peoples positivity towards us and the people who stop their cars to hug us and even cry...oh and the TEDx talk Laura got because of it AND how rapidly Sprinklings are spreading around the world because...well because it feels so damn good to hold a sign for an hour and then feel the happiness for days and weeks so...we really needed some contrast. Reading your piece of angry unkindness felt so gross and off putting that it gave us the perfect contrast to give us steam to carry on in an even bigger and happier way! So..thanks! We needed that!
Mr Humphrey, we sure didn't mean to make you ANGRY. Why so angry? What happened? Anything we can do?
Thank you Mr Humphrey for helping to spread the word. It is going to be alright!
At least you're a kind person in real life because you aren't really that kind online. If you don't want to participate in something, just don't. I mean, was this rant even necessary?