Presaging more street clashes, Egypt's military has accused the country's deposed Islamist president, Mohammed Morsi, of conspiring to help the terror group Hamas launch attacks on government facilities during the country's 2011 revolution. Not coincidentally, the general who's leading the country right now just declared the annihilation of "terrorism" one of his big priorities.

The secret federal court making shadowy decisions about the legality of the National Security Agency's domestic spying apparatus has largely been shaped by Chief Justice John Roberts—and the conservative, pro-executive-power judges he's hand-selected to serve on it.

A donkey and a zebra made sex in Italy and had a baby. It is called a "zonkey." It is an abomination. It is also adorable.

Also! Also! Science gave a false memory to a mouse. MIT geniuses made a mouse afraid of electroshock therapy that it never actually endured.

I guess there's yet another hullabaloo over a threatened government shutdown. Spending cuts or something? Congress being a bunch of jerks? Eh...

The driver of the Spanish train that flew off the tracks after it took a tight curve at twice the approved speed—in a crash that killed dozens and injured even more—has been arrested. He may also have bragged on Facebook before about how recklessly fast he likes to drive trains.

Iran is making noises again about talking directly with the United States about its nuclear program, but only if their new bestie (and kind of our ex) Iraq is allowed to facilitate.

No one is shocked that Halliburton (with obligatory mention of Dick Cheney) pleaded guilty to destroying evidence in the government's probe of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil disaster. The evidence would have made it easier to assign blame to Halliburton and maybe revealed whether it played an even bigger role in the disaster. Halliburton will pay a mere $200,000 fine.

A second juror in the Trayvon Martin shooting has come forward. She said George Zimmerman "got away with murder" because there wasn't enough evidence to decide things otherwise.

How many women carried on a ribald online relationship with Anthony Weiner? If you really must know, and no you actually don't, he told reporters yesterday.

A whole bunch more women, however, have accused San Diego's mayor of outright sexual harassment—adding to charges already swirling over his career—and now finally people want him to resign.

Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey and potential Republican presidential candidate, calls the libertarianism infecting his party "a very dangerous thought."

You be nice! That Abe Lincoln statue never did nothing to you.