"Yeaaaah, Parks and Recreation is ohh-kay... but I'm not sure if I'll watch it this season or not." SHUT YOUR CORN HOLE! You absolutely WILL be watching Parks and Recreation this season if for this reason only: In at least one episode, Mercury dreamboat #1 Sam Elliott will be guest-starring! SQUEEEEEEEE!!
From TV Line:

Acting vet Sam Elliott has signed on to guest star in an episode of the NBC comedy as Ron Swanson’s aggressively mustached counterpart/doppelganger in neighboring Eagleton, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Elliott will appear in the same episode that features Kristen Bell as Leslie’s “richer and better dressed”

And Kristen Bell, too??? SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!! (After the jump a picture of the greatest day of my life... which would've only been better had Kristen Bell been there at the same time.)