If you love to cringe, for the love of all that's holy, PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO. Here a St. Louis news station discovers that "hipsters" have descended upon their city—so of course they have to do a jaw-droppingly terrible special report. What are hipsters? (They like jazz, "trends" and walking around with their shoelaces untied.) What do they do? (They have daytime dance parties featuring the latest dances—like "the pony.") Where are they? (Hanging out at the The Mud House Coffee Shop, of course.) And trust me when I say, you will never see a more butt-cringing display of reporting or "hipsterdom" in your life. Compared to these guys? Our TV news stations and tall bike riders are THE BEST.

And don't miss the best reaction ever to this news story from a totally over-it anchor at the 3:07 mark. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!