GEEKS—Geek Trivia with hosts Cort Webber and Bobby Roberts (hey, he works here!) has been called out as one of the greatest in a city that loves to knock back a few while testing knowledge—the geekier the better. Test your ability to retain the factoids of movies, TV, comic books, games, and/or the '80s and '90s for prizes, pride, and glory. MS
Kennedy School, 5736 NE 33rd, 7 pm, FREE

FILM—Hey, you look like someone who likes Shamu! BUT WHAT IF SHAMU ATE PEOPLE? SeaWorld's doing everything they can to keep people from seeing the critically acclaimed, Sundance-approved Blackfish—a searing, must-see documentary about what can happen when killer whales are kept in captivity. (Hint: THEY EAT PEOPLE.) EH
Fox Tower 10, 846 SW Park, see Film Times for showtimes, $8-11