Sometimes, the best part of my morning inbox is an outraged e-mail from evangelical Christian fucknuts One Million Moms. I like those e-mails because they promote useless boycotts against TV shows and they frequently include lists like this one about a recent episode of NBC's Camp:

Unacceptable content in the program included:
"This is a p*rn desert."
"Fifty Shades of Little Otter" (Little Otter is the name of camp)
Mom (camp director and owner) walks in on son m*sturbating
G*mbling add*cts
P-word used and one camper has g*nital h*rpes
S*xual innuendos
Politically Correct situations with a h*mosexual couple

Which "P-word," I wonder? Are they talking about a p*nis or a p*ssy? I wish they would be clearer.