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Another week, another Mercury music section that doesn't contain one ounce of the brilliance found in this article, which the world heretoafter shall no doubt refer to as the Greatest Piece of Music Writing Ever Written. Alas, this week's Mercury holds no mote of coverage or analysis of a 36-minute version of a song whose entire lyrics are: "Won't you step into the freezer/Please her with a tweezer/It's gonna be cold, cold, cold." I am sorry, readers; we have failed you.

Ha, just kidding! We have actual good music to talk about! Here's a band from Australia, who lives in the UK, who might be moving to America... oh, it doesn't matter where they live. All that matters is Cloud Control's marvelous new album—out next month—is one of the best things you can put in your ears these days.

LISTEN: Cloud Control - "Dojo Rising"

The Lower 48 came from Minnesota making folk; now the three-piece is a full-on Portland band making full-on, bubblegummy rock 'n' roll. And doing a great job with it.

LISTEN: The Lower 48 - "That's What I'll Say"

Okay, the supergroup-as-Voltron analogy is a little tired, but how else would you describe a band like VHÖL? They're like the United Nations? The Algonquin Round Table? The Expendables? No, none of these are adequate to convey the pure, powerful, consolidated metal of one of the West Coast's mightiest bands.

LISTEN: VHÖL - "Grace"

Plus a freezer's worth of Up & Coming shows.