It's been another ugly day in Egypt, as government crackdowns on supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi have led to more than 500 deaths—and thousands more injuries—to-date.

The violence has led President Obama to further distance the US from Egypt's current government (which, remember, we're technically not supposed to be helping at all under US law). The president cancelled a military exercise in the country slated for next month.

Also: Check out this photo.

In case you missed this yesterday, you should know the US military is fixing to extend benefits to soldiers' same-sex spouses. Progress!

Chicago's police superintendent keeps it real (sort of), noting: "Stop-and-frisk is a tactic that every department in the country uses..."

Wanna see what it looks like in Portland? Check out my feature this week on the city's battle against gang violence.

Uh-oh! Someone hacked the Washington Post website this morning, directing certain readers to a site for the Syrian Electronic Army. Damn it, Bezos!!

I've lived in parts of the country positively lousy with Wal-Marts. I've purchased rugs and toothbrushes and, once in Missouri, a jug of apple cider at Wal-Mart. It's been a friend to me in the past, I guess. But it makes me oddly happy that the company's not doing great, or at least not as great as they want to be doing. Less satisfying is Wal-Mart's stated reason for the poor performance: Its low-income customer base isn't faring so hot, either.

AND YET! Jobless benefits claims are the lowest in six years. So cheer up, Wal-Mart.

Bradley Manning, trying to avoid a very harsh sentence for espionage, is contrite.

Yikes. "Simmons apologizes for Harriet Tubman sex video."

Thursday is the jerk, this week.


You've seen this by now, right? It is equal parts hypnotic and exasperating, with occasional flashes of brilliance.