PARTY—Oregon has the least-restrictive abortion laws in the country, but that wouldn't be the case if we didn't have organizations like Planned Parenthood actively guarding our rights. Tonight's Pink Party benefit celebrates an organization that provides birth control, sex education, STI testing, and more to thousands and thousands of women and men. AH
w/DJs Anjali, Sappho, Hero Worship; Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison, 8 pm, $12-15

FILM—Motion pictures have the power to show us who we are—but also who we once were, and who we can someday be. No work of cinema shows us these things more powerfully than 1989's classic Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, which screens tonight on the roof of the Hotel deLuxe's garage. Let us watch this film, and let us be excellent to each other. EH
Hotel deLuxe, SW 15th & Yamhill, 9 pm, $9