This guy over on the I, Anonymous blog has a point about browser ads that trumpet his clandestine internet activity:

A man can't jerk it anymore! Well, he can, but not without prying internet eyes. Clearing my web browser is easier than stashing Playboys but Jesus, at least the Playboy won't be constantly reminding me, WHILE MY WIFE IS ON HER EMAIL, that I spanked it to some porn. Tattle-tailing asshole.

As all the sympathetic commenters over on "Found Out!" noted, dude should probably get some adblock software. Well, duh. But it does kinda blow to have your bestie pornie friend (the internet) rat you out. No one likes a snitch... a snatch snitch. Have a friendly or not-so friendly beef you'd like to air? Head to I, Anonymous Blog, where no one's loose lips sink ships.