On a 1-10 scale of "sounds like fun," the plain phrase "craft night" registers at about a 6 for me—which is not that bad! On the other hand, the Makin' It with Destination DIY craft nights hosted jointly by ADX and SCRAP crank that up to a solid 8, because there's free Full Sail beer and Mississippi Pizza Pub slices, a DJ (Bill Hambone), live interviews, and trivia, as well as the usual craft-night benefit of the companionship of fellow DIY-ers (useful for advice), and they also air new episodes of the Destination DIY radio show, so there's no need to worry about uncomfortable breaks in the chatter while you're trying to concentrate.

Tonight's edition features Andrea Leggitt of Salty and Sweet Design in the interview chair, who makes cool laser etched products like this handsome iPhone case:

  • Salty and Sweet

It runs from 7-9 pm this evening at ADX (417 SE 11th) with a $3-5 suggested donation, and is a fine warm-up to those fall nights spent inside with your PJs (that's short for "projects," not "pajamas," because we're adults here).