I have a few items that I'd like to get rid of and you, loyal Blogtown reader, could be the proud recipient. Just leave a comment with your idea for them as a group (or individually) and the best one will win them. Here's what I've got:

Approx $5 in Canadian coins
Left over from a recent trip. My bank doesn't want them. My laundry machine won't take them. What would you do with them?


Approx 2lbs of Jelly Bellys
I promise they're not poisoned.


20 little salsa bowls
Shown with a Canadian quarter for size. Could be used for salsa and chips, if you only had chip bowls...


22 pressed-wood salad bowls
They're not dishwasher safe, they look like they might be used for tortilla chips, but you should have a better idea than just eating chips and salsa in a large group.


Obviously you could give out little bowls of Jelly Bellys to Canadian children with secret money prizes inside. But the winning idea will be better than that. I reserve the right to not give them away if there are no good ideas.