Go read the blog post "Just Ask Already!" over on the I, Anonymous Blog. I think it's a trick. Right? Couldn't be bothered to click over? Here, let me re-post it:

Look, I'm pretty darn sure you like me and I'm pretty darn sure you know I like you. I'm fairly certain from the way people who've seen us together react they know we like each other. This is getting to the point where it's just silly. Go ahead and ask me out already. I'll say yes.

Is this the biggest, juiciest hunk of troll bait you've ever seen?! Right?! Well, I for one am not going to fall for it... trying so hard not to fall for it... BLEEERGHGHGHGH. JUST ASK THE STUPID LADY OUT, ALREADY!! Mmm, okay, it was worth it, 'cuz that bait was delicious. Have something you want to get off your well-manicured chest? Head on over to the I, Anonymous Blog. It's a place where people say things!