This from Deadline: "[Abrams's] Westworld is described as a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the future of sin." How timely! But for real-reals, if Abrams can temper the characteristics of Bad Robot's crappy television endeavors (think Fringe, Lost, or Person of Interest) with the lessons of work like that on more recent and successful Abrams-associated works, (think Super 8, Star Trek Into Darkness, Cloverfield*) we could be in store for some real science-fiction hot cakes. Plus, these days, one must trust in HBO, as they rarely deliver a dud.

Below is the trailer from the original movie, which may have scared the shit out of you as a child when you stumbled across it on TBS or whatever. (Not-real story I swear ladies, I'm HELLA TOUGH.) Watch it and then go rent the movie and then take it to a DVD player that's connected to a television and watch the whole thing and thank me later.

*Say what you will about Cloverfield—that dude carrying the camera is fucking annoying, but at least he dies in the end. Also, if you're still reading this, there's an untitled Cloverfield sequel in the works. Get yrself excited!