This weekend (Saturday and Sunday) is the Oregon Cats Classic, which involves cats competing in agility courses and being examined and judged for thing like the sheen of their coats and temperament, and some really impressive graphic design:

  • Cat Fanciers Association—Northwest Region

Cat shows are obviously a squee fest for anyone who geeks out over the animals themselves, but it is also some of the most amazing people watching you will ever have a chance to see. Cat show people tend to be eccentric in an entirely wonderful way. The take loving teh kittehs so seriously. It's great.

Case in point is an odd little internet road I wandered down yesterday (via some suggestion from Erik) known as the website for Chanan, the husband/wife duo who have been in the business of cat photography for 35 years (they'll be taking the official photos at this weekend's proceedings). Specifically the magnificently TMI bio page, which tells of how they double dated in their youth and of the year that they "moved into a larger home with facilities for a studio and office
separate from their living quarters," and the frustrating period of "seven intense years of trying to conceive." That's right. Intense. In conclusion, go to the cat show, especially if you have never been to one. And maybe smoke some weed first. It will be delightful.