Cinema as we know it is dead, today's children don't even have the attention spans to pay attention to a goddamn cartoon, imagine the sort of behavior you're teaching these screeching little cretins, etc.

The Walt Disney Studios invites animation fans to experience a classic film like never before with a new interactive theatrical event for the whole family: “Second Screen Live: The Little Mermaid.”

Beginning September 20, this beloved musical adventure returns to select theaters for a special limited engagement, only this time viewers are encouraged to become a part of the story. This unique engagement marks the debut of Disney Second Screen Live, a new second-screen technology that allows audiences to engage with the film, each other and their fellow audience members.

By simply downloading the free “Second Screen Live: The Little Mermaid App” to an Apple iPad or iPad mini and bringing their Mermaid-loaded devices to participating theaters, fans and families can interact with the film, play games, find hidden treasure, sing along, and compete with the audience for the chance to win great prizes!

More info here, should you or your dull-eyed offspring care to participate in the irreparable and cataclysmic destruction of the formerly enjoyable moviegoing experience.