1) Happy 20th birthday, The X-Files! And here is one person's opinion regarding the series' nine best episodes. Do you agree? OR DON'T YOU?

2) Read an oral history of one of my favorite series of all time—and one of the forefathers of the "excellent drama on cable" boom—The Shield.

3) Here's a quick teaser trailer for the new season of American Horror Story: Coven debuting Oct 9 on FX. It's all about witches in New Orleans—though these particular witch hats look like they fell out of French Vogue!

4) And here's an amusing trailer for the new HBO series starring Limey funny guy Stephen Merchant called Hello, Ladies in which... he says "Hello, ladies" a lot.

5) Finally, to end this day in a perfect way, here's a supercut of Bob Odenkirk screaming "GODDAMMIT!" (and other select obscenities) in Mr. Show. (He sounds almost exactly like me in our editorial meetings!) Language NSFW, 'natch.