When Elmore Leonard died, I posted about how some theater in town should do an Elmore Leonard film festival—and while that isn't happening, the next best thing is. Steven Soderbergh's fantastic Leonard adaptation Out of Sight is currently playing at the Laurelhurst (2735 E Burnside), and starting on Friday, the Laurelhurst will start a week-long run of Barry Sonnenfeld's Leonard adaptation, Get Shorty. Both screenplays were adapted by Scott Frank; both are films worth watching and rewatching.

Out of Sight only screens for two more nights—9 pm, tonight and tomorrow—while Get Shorty will play at 9:15 pm from Fri Sept 13-Thurs Sept 19. Admission's four bucks.

So, okay, right, next: Who's going to book Jackie Brown for a run that starts on Fri Sept 20? SOMEONE MAKE THIS HAPPEN.