From now until September 27, Top Shelf Productions—the locally based comics publisher responsible for such great titles as Craig Thompson's Blankets and Jeff Lemire's Essex County—is offering some incredibly good deals on titles in their catalog. The sale is part of their annual push to, in their words, "help spread the word about our incredible new releases, and raise funds to 'kick start' a full rollout for next year."

And it is a really, really great sale. Here's a couple picks to get you started:

March: I haven't read it, but this book—written by the civil rights icon and senator John Lewis and inked by the fantastic cartoonist Nate Powell—has been getting really great reviews everywhere from NPR to the Washington Post.

Blankets—I mean, duh. If you haven't read Craig Thompson's lovely memoir, do yourself a favor and pick up a fancy hardcover copy for only $25.

The Ticking—I love, love, love the work of Renee French; her art is beautiful and funny and spooky, and the stories she tells are unsettling and often profound. The Ticking is about a strange-looking boy who finds solace in art. Alternately, Micrographia is a book about dung beetles.