I saw something the other day that I'm still trying to wrap my head around. I was walking by the river and I saw two women walking arm in arm. One was blind and had dark glasses and a white cane. The other one was rating the hotness of each guy that passed them from 1 to 10 for the benefit of the visually impaired woman.

"There's a 6 sitting on the bench. Yum, an 8.5 is jogging. Ugh, two fours together; at least they found each other."

I was so taken aback. Not because I don't think people with disabilities can be shitty people, but because this particular disability really seems like it would preclude this particular shittiness. I wouldn't expect a guy without a tongue to go around rating restaurants on Yelp.

Much later I realized the most likely explanation: without realizing it, I had walked through the set of some horrible 90s comedy. She wasn't blind from birth, this woman had been cursed by an gypsy woman because she needed to appreciate people's inner beauty. And we were still in act 2 where she's denying her problem by outsourcing her shallowness with her friend judging eye dog.

Maybe I'm just bitter because her friend said I was a 6. She pointed at me and, loud enough I could hear, said "Another 6. They just keep coming." Ouch. Not just a 6, but a run-of-the-mill 6. And she said it loudly. Come on. Say I'm a 9! Go ahead. She's blind and I'm NOT deaf. Make my day. LIE TO US BOTH!

Probably she was just being overly negative on purpose to make her friend feel better. "Oh, honey. Nothing but 5s and 6s out today. You're lucky you're blind." That's a true friend for you.