Via the New York Times:

NEW DELHI — Four men convicted of a brutal gang rape were sentenced Friday to die by hanging, a decision met with satisfaction on the part of the victim’s parents and triumphant cheers from the crowd outside the courthouse, where some held up makeshift nooses and pictures of hanging bodies.

The four men—a fruit vendor, a bus attendant, a gym handyman and an unemployed man—were found guilty on Tuesday of raping a young woman on a moving bus last December, penetrating her with a metal rod and inflicting grave internal injuries, then dumping her on the roadside.

“When crime against women is rising on day-to-day basis, so, at this point in time court cannot keep its eye shut," the judge said when handing down the sentence. "There should be exemplary punishment in view of the unparallelled brutality with which the victim was gangraped and murdered, as the case falls under the rarest of rare category. All be given death."

However, it's unclear if the men will actually be hanged, given India's complex relationship with the death penalty. As Reuters explains:

Indian judges hand down on average 130 death sentences every year, but India has executed just three people in the past 17 years. Despite its apparent reluctance to carry out the sentences, last year India voted against a U.N. draft resolution calling for a global moratorium on executions.

That said, two of those three executions have taken place in the past year, signaling what many human rights groups believe is an end to its unspoken 17-year execution moratorium. (India's FirstPost live-covered the sentencing, if you're interested in reading family/court reactions, while the Telegraph has a timeline illustrating the country's evolution on capital punishment.)