Pleasureface (Via)
  • Pleasureface (Via)

HabeshaPleasureface, Adam Brock, Bel Mizik, 9 pm, $5
Crystal Ballroom–'80s Video Dance Attack: VJ Kittyrox, 9 pm, $6
Eagles Lodge–In the Cooky Jar: DJ Cooky Parker, 9 pm
Holocene–KM Fizzy, 5 pm, free; Ecstasy: Delroy Edwards, Miracles Club, Maxx Bass, 9 pm, $5
Hotel deLuxe–Silent Disco Dance Party: DJ Beyondadoubt, DJ TJ, DJ Playtime, DJ Royale, 10 pm, $20-25
Kelly's Olympian–Ninja Turtle Ninja Tiger, Just Lions, Grandhorse, 9 pm, $5
The Know–Turbo Perfecto, Born Losers, Brother Joseph, 8 pm
Mississippi Studios–Diarrhea Planet, The So So Glos, Boom!, 9 pm, $10-12
Record Room–Palo Verde, Sei Hexe, Slow Screams, 8 pm, $5
Roseland–Andre Nickatina, Krayzie Bone, 8 pm, $27, all ages
Rotture–Live and Direct: Rev Shines, Slimkid3, DJ Nature, 9 pm, $5