In what is clearly the best thing currently on the internet, Redditor deadfraggle photoshopped the Next Generation crew into original series uniforms. Here they are in a single glorious image, via io9:

While I was delighted by these—indeed, one of them seems to have reignited a decades-old crush on a certain Enterprise doctor—Mercury News Editor Denis C. Theriault, who has very strong feelings about Star Trek, naturally decided to complain.


I started to try to find that one episode where Troi took command of the Enterprise so I could point out that Troi has some command experience and thus red isn't totally out of the question but you know what's easier than that? Nerd-shaming Denis. Also, it belatedly occurs to me that in doing so, I may have inadvertently nerd-shamed myself. I appear to have wandered into a self-sprung nerd trap.

I am going to end this post.