There's still no known motive in a shooting rampage yesterday at the Washington Navy Yard. But a picture has emerged of the shooter, 34-year-old Aaron Alexis, as a troubled man who'd improperly used guns in the past—once in Seattle , where he was arrested for shooting out car tires in 2004.

Twelve people and Alexis were killed in Monday's violence, and it looks like the shooter acted alone, despite early concerns he had help.

One fun corollary of the tragedy: Conservatives immediately panning President Obama for a wholly unrelated (well, except for the deadly, unnecessary use of firearms) issue.

Also: Welcome back to the headlines, AR-15! ADDENDUM: Authorities now say Alexis didn't use us an AR-15. Sorry, AR-15.

Clearly Jeff Cogen's tired of attention. The former Multnomah County chair was a no-show on his last official day in the position, having quietly packed up his belongings over the weekend. Last week, Cogen also didn't attend what would have been his last board of commissioners meeting before resigning.

So begins the reign of Interim Chair Marissa Madrigal!

Maybe you don't care who the next Federal Reserve chairman is. Then again, maybe you do. It's still deeply uncertain either way.

That Italian luxury liner that capsized in January 2012? Still just sort of sitting there. But now it's upright! Think about what it could achieve in another 20 months.

United Nations inspectors in Syria confirm sarin gas was used in an August 21 attack—the "most-significant" confirmed use of the substance since Saddam Hussein wielded it in 1988. The inspectors stopped short of assigning blame in the attack. France says it was carried out by Syria. Russia's still saying it could have been the rebels.

And while we're all squabbling over Syria's chemical weapons, Iran's new president is considering taking the country's most-advanced nuclear facility offline. Which is good, right?

Good news for you! (Bad news for the good people at Purell.) WAY less people die from terrifying antibiotic-resistant bacteria than previously thought. But still a lot of people, I guess.

What's the deal, September? I count on you to be unflinchingly sunny and perfect, but you're acting all crazy. I had to ride my bicycle to the courthouse in the rain yesterday. Suede boots? Drenched. There was lightning over the weekend. Lightning! It just won't do.


What manner of lawlessness is this, Robocop? Is there no justice for the Korean people?