SALINGER The brilliant, reclusive author—just kicking it, thinking about Terminators.
  • SALINGER "I call this fine ride the J.D. Salin-jeep! Hop aboard, ladies!".

THANKS FOR SHARING A movie in which Mark Ruffalo is a sex addict! It is not as sexy as it sounds.

PRISONERS A thriller starring Hugh Jackman, Terrence Howard, and creeeeepy Paul Dano. It was shot by cinematographer Roger Deakins! Here's an important fact about Roger Deakins: Roger Deakins knows what's up.

SALINGER How did Sean Nelson feel about the much-derided J.D. Salinger doc that's finally playing in Portland after several delays? Well... huh. Let's put it this way: His headline is "Fuck You."

IP MAN: THE FINAL FIGHT Look, I really like films that have people doing kung fu in them. I love a great number of terrible films purely because of their kung fu component! I say this because: When even I don't like a film that has people doing kung fu in it? That does not reflect particularly well on that film.

STORM SURFERS 3D Awesome waves. Doofy surfers.

NOIR CITY A whole lot of ultra-rare noir flicks on the big screen!

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