It's no secret that former Mercury columnist and one of the funniest, smartest people alive, Ian Karmel, loooooves the Portland comedy scene. It's also no secret that Ian doesn't think Willamette Week likes the Portland comedy scene very much. (Correction: They might like it if they thought it actually existed.) For those who miss Ian, here's a clip from his passionate screed on the subject which he posted to his Tumblr yesterday.

Portland is full of outstanding comedy. Am I being self-serving pointing this out? Am I being self-serving trying to get the Willamette Week to cover comedy? Fuck it, maybe, but to be frank there isn’t a goddamn thing coverage from the Willamette Week can do for me at this point in my career. I’m writing this because I love Portland, I love Portland’s comedians and it’s become increasingly evident that the Willamette Week doesn’t have a stand-up comedy problem, they have a problem with stand-up comedy.

The Willamette Week’s coverage of Portland’s stand-up comedy scene demonstrates not an actual curiosity, but a determination to start at a preconceived, jaded, stereotyped conception of a stand-up comedian and work backwards from there until the story fits the basic, boring box they’ve built for it.

Ouch! And trust me, there's much more. Read the rest here!