Wondering what Terrence Malick is up to? Oh, not much, just making a couple of movies. Including Voyage of Time.

Since 2008, 15 shoots have been conducted totaling 175 days and Voyage of Time is currently working with 3,300 minutes of raw footage (55 hours worth, for those counting), as well as several hundred pre-vis visual effects shots. (Via.)

Oh, hey, that reminds me, let's check in on Richard Linklater!

Richard Linklater has been making Boyhood since 2002. The film isn’t delayed or in trouble or anything like that. Boyhood is designed to chronicle the growth of a boy from age six to his last year of high school at 17 or 18. Ellar Salmon plays the boy through the entire film, because Linklater has shot the movie essentially in sequence, creating new scenes each year since ’02 as Salmon grew. (Via.)

Boyhood might be out as soon as 2014, there's no timeline on when to expect Voyage of Time, and all of the little goals you have for your little life are small and sad in comparison.