HECKLEVISION—Someone in Hollywood once had a great idea to turn a hallucinogenic game about mushroom-gobbling plumbers into a fifth-rate Blade Runner knockoff with dinosaur people. Super Mario Bros. in Hecklevision proves it was a great idea; it just needed a theater full of jackasses texting insults onto the screen to realize its true potential. BR
Hollywood Theatre, 4122 NE Sandy, 7:30 pm, $8

SPORTS—Mixed martial arts, in the modern era, was always something of a misnomer, less a thing of art and grace than a carnal, brutal free-for-all—chum for rednecks whose satellite providers offered Pay-Per-View. It's since been tamed and turned into a profitable national roadshow. One of the more popular tourneys, Bellator MMA, stinks up the Moda Center tonight. DCT
Moda Center, One Center Court, 4 pm, $25-125