Here's the best goddamn idea I've heard all day.

There is, however, a certain type of jackass who feels the need to subject strangers to unoriginal attempts at body shaming, so I will say this:

If you, a stranger, are compelled to tell me that I "need to eat a sandwich", then you had better have a fucking sandwich for me. I'll be happy to oblige you by eating it right then and there. You can watch. Just don't pull this shit if you aren't prepared to provide the aforementioned sandwich.

FINALLY! FI-NA-LLY! An I, Anonymous worthy of the time and effort we put into creating the I, Anonymous Blog (which admittedly wasn't very much)! Do you have some good advice for the world? And again, I repeat: GOOD advice? Drop it into the I, Anonymous Blog—and don't forget to leave a sandwich in payment.