See that up there? That is headline news on, and when I say headline, I mean all-caps 16pt Helvetica HEADLINE


This a big deal! It's nice that they paid the city a tribute after paying the Blazers to put their name on the building. And they put some thought into it too! Take it away, Mehdi Tabrizi, Managing Director at Ziba, Portland-based experience design and innovation firm!

"Our challenge was to design a new logo and identity that was true to the history and spirit of the arena, authentic to the moda health brand, and meaningful to the Portland community at large."

Okay, sure! So, the roundy thing on the left is a rose, which is plum-colored, as opposed to, uh, rose-colored. Although I guess roses can be purplish, although typically in media, roses are red, which is one of the colors used by the Blazers, who play in the building this plumrose will be glued to!

The lettering is sort of reminiscent of the Blazers original logo, the one that has always, and will always look about 15x better than the current one, which began life as a word .doc with italics turned on.


Although the one on the right has little pointy parts sticking off it now, as if to say "Watch out, basketball players. We're sharp and fast! Like our mascot, Blaze the Trail Cat! Rawr!"

  • rawr

  • rawr

Intimidation. That's the key.