The not-bad news! Shackled House Speaker John Boehner, still refusing to sacrifice his nominal grip on power, has begun privately plotting a course out of the Tea Party's shutdown pandemonium. Presumably because Wall Street is good at calling the Capitol Building on the phone, he's vowing to keep the country from defaulting on its debts this month.

But now the not-good news! Boehner's plan to distract his radical rump from the shiny bauble of killing healthcare access for poor people—laid out in a secret meeting of "Team Boehner"—involves wrecking Medicare and Social Security and taxes.

President Obama is sharing the nation's pain. He's canceled an East Asia visit that would have sent him to paradise-like Brunei and his boyhood home of Indonesia.

He might also have a secret, and constitutional, weapon when it comes to going around Congress to avoid a debt-ceiling default.

A woman shot and killed by Capitol cops yesterday after driving her Infiniti past shutdown barricades has been identified as a Connecticut mother who'd been dealing with—like most people shot by police—mental health struggles.

The GOP probably won't ever lose the House, despite taking the blame for the unpopular shutdown, because of post-2010 gerrymandering. However! One cannot gerrymander the Senate. And party leaders are fretting they've frittered away their hopes of regaining it next fall.

The fracking boom, and all its toxic and radioactive water, is causing unimaginable environmental damage to the American heartland, a report has found. For the record: This report was played way more prominently on a foreign news site than any of the domestic ones I looked at this morning. As in, it was mentioned vs. not being mentioned at all.

Like she said, Wendy Davis, the Democratic state senator who bravely filibustered Texas' new abortion rules, has declared her candidacy for governor. She's got 1/25th the war chest of her arch-conservative GOP opponent, who's already preparing ads, no doubt, going after all the "outside money" fans across America are planning to send Davis' way.

Undocumented immigrants in California no longer have to hide from the DMV, now that state leaders have enthusiastically approved special permits for what might be as many as 1.4 million formerly unregistered drivers.

Another round of clashes has erupted between Egypt's coup government and the followers of the Islamist political party it deposed a year after its first democratic elections ever.

Your fake Bitcoin money isn't worth as much, about 25 percent not as much, now that the guy behind the Silk Road drug market got busted. It's okay! Our dollar money is pretty fake, too.

Europeans are just as afraid as Americans, maybe, when it comes to the jackboots and deep pockets of the tobacco lobby.

The army that booted France, and then America, out of Vietnam started in 1944 with 34 guerrillas using guns dating back to the Russo-Japanese war. The soldier who molded those partisans into empire-slayers, General Vo Nguyen Giap, has just died. He was 102.

Eat shit and... live!

The voice of Siri comes from a Georgia voice actor who'd done work in 2005 for a company eventually purchased by the company Apple now uses to help run its very snitty digital assistant.