After all this rain, you need some fun times, AM I CORRECT? Then please join us at Mississippi Studios (3939 NE Mississippi) this Sunday (Oct 6) from 2 pm till late for the yummiest, most ear-pleasing event of the week, the Portland Mercury's Chili Jamboree! YEEEEEE-HAW!

In short, we got the best chefs in the city (including those from Ned Ludd, Podnah's Pit, Lardo and more) to cook up a mess of their own specially-designed chili. And YOU get to judge who's the best of the best! You'll sample all the chilis, listen to foot-stompin' country music, and at 6 pm sharp after your votes are tallied, we'll announce the winner of the first annual Chili Jamboree and award the proud chef with the one-of-a-kind Chili Jamboree Belt Buckle! Again... YEEEEEE-HAW!

For the rest of the evening you'll enjoy the wholly excellent music of Sturgill Simpson followed by our headliner Lucero—who will make you think you done died and went to Grand Ol' Opry heaven! Read all the details here!

Tickets are flying out the door for this one... and so jump over to here and see if there are any left. If there are, BUY THEM NOW. You don't want to miss the foot-stompin', ass-whuppin', chili slurpin' event of the season!

Ahem... YEEEEEE-HAW!! (And watch this video... it'll wet that whistle, by cracky!)