Superman turned 75 this year. There are some who don't consider the film released this summer to be much of a tribute to the guy. I disagree, myself, but for those who found Zack Snyder's take on the Man of Steel a little (or a lot) lacking, this is what it looks like when you swap out David S. Goyer for WB Animation deity Bruce Timm, and give Snyder all of two minutes to tell a wordless story.

This link takes you to a description of all the eras referenced, just in case you're a little rusty on the Big Blue Boy Scout's history. Even if you don't like the guy - you think he's boring, bland, sanctimonious, dull - I dare you not to smile when the animated version of George Reeves grins at you, or when John Williams' Main Title bursts onto the soundtrack as Fleischer-era Superman punches through a robot, or when Hans Zimmer's score swells as Superman rises from his '90s grave.

(cough I might know a guy who mashed those two themes together and threw a bunch of drums at it cough cough)

I mean, not to put too much weight on a single two minute ad for the character of Superman, but this does show that Snyder does get, on some level, what about Superman is appealing to people. The hope, should you choose to nurture it, is that the coming Man of Steel sequel manages to have a few more moments that feel like this short does, even with notorious pouty-pants Batman hanging around.