So I've got some GOOD TV news and some BAD TV news... which headline do you want first?

Okay, the bad one first!

The CW trims 'Reign' masturbation scene

The pilot for 16th century-based castle drama Reign featured a steamy masturbation scene in the version that was sent to advertisers and media after the show made the network’s schedule last May. But the final cut of the episode that was recently sent to critics and will air on the network this week has been toned down.

In the sequence, the Queen of Scottland (Adelaide Kane) has joined her teenage ladies-in-waiting in France and attend a wedding. After the ceremony, they secretly spy on the newlyweds’ “bedding ceremony” — where they have sex before a group of elders who are present to ensure the marriage is consummated.

The bedding is actually not the raunchy part. The moment that raised eyebrows among reporters at press tour this summer is what happens next: The aroused handmaidens scatter around the castle to find relief among various paramours. One of them, Kenna (Caitlin Stasey), assures she’s alone in a secluded stairwell, hikes up her gown, reaches under and starts … yep. Her self-pleasure is unexpectedly interrupted by none other than the King of France (Alan van Sprang), who smugly offers his assistance and takes over.

BOOOOOOOOO!!! WHY IS LIFE SO TERRIBLE?!? And now, the best TV headline you may ever read EVER!

Elizabeth Berkley will reenact her famous "Saved by the Bell" caffeine pill freakout on "Dancing"

We just got an exclusive sneak peek at next week's Dancing With the Stars song list, and you will never guess what Elizabeth Berkley is using in her routine. It's "I'm So Excited" by The Pointer Sisters!

For the uninformed, on a season-two episode of Saved by the Bell, Berkley's character Jesse got addicted to caffeine pills as a means to keep up with her busy school schedule and her singing group commitments. Before she is set to perform "I'm So Excited", Zack (Mark Paul Gosselaar) discovers her pill problem and attempts to wrestle them away from her. Jesse, in a now iconic scene, wants to show her best friend that she's just fine by trying to sing the lyrics to the song, but she eventually dissolves into hysterics admitting that she's not so excited, she's so scared!

YESSSSSSSS!! LIFE IS OKAY AGAIN!! Here's the iconic scene from Saved by the Bell in case you missed it.