This week, on the Letters to the Editor page...

—mikenathan responds to JDowdy's complaints last week over the co-founders of Wildfang's use of the words "girls" and "tomboys" in an interview. mikenathan's response? That people call men "boys" all the time, and you don't see them crying about it! He (making the bold assumption that "mikenathan" is a... boy, here) also suggests that the cleverly gender neutral-named JDowdy "pick a real thing to nag people about." Yikes.

—In response to an I, Anonymous about a blind man being brought to tears by the callousness of his bartender, we have two opposing views on what, exactly, is bartender is. Kattie contends that, "y'all need to realize that your bartenders and servers are not your friends." Counterpoint: Munch says that bartenders are your friends, and "Come to my bar, we'll prove it!" Where would you rather hang out?

—Lastly, everyone is shitting bricks (pun intended) over how unprepared Portland's historic architecture is for a major earthquake, as well as how much it would cost to bring everything up to speed. Also, does this mean everything's just going to be sold to condo developers?

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