Portland's Audubon Society has announce the public release of two peregrine falcons who were found ailing in N Portland in mid-September. Turns out there was a rash of botulism (!) at Smith and Bybee Lakes this summer, and the birds "had likely fed on contaminated waterfowl."

That's no bueno, but the good news is that the birds are now completely rehabilitated, and will be released at 11 am tomorrow morning in Kelley Point Park, and the public is invited to witness their majestic reintroduction to the wild. Which falcons are peregrine falcons? Oh, just the world’s fastest animal ones, NBD. You know:

  • Bob Sallinger
  • Badass.

The birds have apparently been training for the big day in the Audubon's "flight cage"—hit the jump for a couple more pics!

  • Bob Sallinger

  • Bob Sallinger