I'm pretty much over the KXL-FM billboard flap, too, but this is sort of funny. The conservative news-talk station's gaffe has inspired a bit of satire from former city council candidate Jesse Cornett.

"I am going to respond to this like KXL would respond to something a 'Democrat' government official did wrong, whatever the reason," Cornett posted to his Facebook page shortly after 9 am Tuesday, tagging KXL host Lars Larson. "The most important question is what did Lars Larson know and when did he know it?"

"It has been almost five minutes without a response," Cornett wrote at 9:17 am. "What are they covering up?"

A half hour later, he'd worked up enough moral outrage to create a change.org petition calling for Larson's job.

"KXL radio posted a knowingly racially insensitive banner in Chinatown of all places," reads the tongue-in-cheek missive to the owner of KXL's parent company, Alpha Broadcasting. "While the public has demanded to know what Lars Larson knew and when he knew it, he has yet to respond."

"The only reasonable thing to do," the petition concludes, "is fire Lars Larson."

First reported here on Blogtown, the billboard co-opted the broken English phrasings of a Vietnamese prostitute in Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket—telling all of Portland's historic Chinatown: "We love you long time."

As word of the billboard made its way around the web (including the much-trafficked Huffington Post) KXL sent out a statement it would scrap the message.

"This was a decision from the Marketing and Programming Department," the statement said. "However, after our News Department came to us and said they believed it to be insensitive, we decided to change the message."

Cornett tells the Mercury he doesn't really expect Larson to be let go, he just wanted to make a point about political witch hunting. Asked if he actually reached out to Larson as the petition claims, Cornett said: "I did tag him on Facebook. I think in the modern age that's a fair opportunity."

The petition has two "signatures."