And the giveaways just keep giving away! We're giving out pairs of tickets every day this week on Blogtown, because it is a promotional tool to inspire you to pay us money to see HUMP!... I mean... because we love you! It's true, we actually do love you, because why else would we happily position ourselves on the receiving end of nasty glares from puritans who don't appreciate our sex-positive super fun film fest? That being said, today's free pair of tickets will be for the Friday, Nov 15, 11 pm show—so use the widget below and try to win them! (Note that if you use your Twitter or Facebook machine to tell others about our contest, you get extra entries! BWAA-HAA-HAAA! [Stop laughing out loud! They'll hear you!!])

And as always, tickets are selling out fast, so if you don't trust your luck BUY YOUR TICKETS RIGHT HERE. Luck's for suckers anyways.

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