(Gavel! Gavel! Gavel!) This meeting of The Walking Dead Chitty-Chat Club will now come to order! First order of business? THE TRIAL OF CAROL. After the spoiler-filled jump, I'll present both sides of the case, and you the jury will decide if Rick's decision was the correct one! So what are we waiting for? LET'S START CHITTY-CHATTING!

You know, Im just trying to get a leg up in business, and... WHOAAA! That was ironic.
  • Courtesy AMC
  • "You know, I'm just trying to get a leg up in business, and... WHOAAA! That was ironic."

Here's what I'm thinking about last night's episode, "Indifference."

1) That's a terrible AND incredibly apt title for this episode, because I could barely give two shits about the b-plot; Daryl and the gang searching for meds with Drunky Bob. (Ummm... can he please have a more interesting addiction than alcoholism? Heroin's good... so's crack. Hell, make it junk food... JUST DO SOMETHING INTERESTING!!!) And that's all I'm going to say about that part of the episode.

2) So Rick takes Carol with him on his hunting/gathering mission to the suburbs, because... well, because otherwise she's just going to stab sick people in the ear and then burn up their bodies. (That's the same reason I never leave Erik Henriksen in charge while I'm gone.)

3) Blah, blah, blah, they find a couple of weird post-teens hanging out in the 'burbs—who for some reason reminded me of Badger and Skinny Pete from Breaking Bad—and they eventually get eaten of course. SNORE. In between times, Carol mounts her defense for murdering and burning up her prison mates, which Rick apparently is going along with. She says she was protecting the prison by stopping the outbreak before it started, but of course didn't ask anybody beforehand (one should always make sure it's okay to murder someone first), and tearfully reminisced about her prior marriage to One-Handed Racist McRacisterson (Merle). So they returned to the car, and...

4) THE DOOR'S LOCKED. (That's Rick's way of pounding the gavel to let the world know he's come to a judgment.) The court of the world finds Carol... GUILTY AS CHARGED, and he banishes her to the outside zombie world with only a Subaru full of supplies and a snowboard rack on top. (Hiding out from a zombie infestation at a ski resort is not a terrible idea.)

5) Obviously Rick only had three choices in this case: Zip his lip, hand Carol over to Tyreese, or cut her loose. IF THERE WAS ANOTHER CHOICE (other than burning her alive, creeps) I'D LOVE TO HEAR IT. So in other words, there was only one choice. So bye-bye Carol, I'm very happy to see you go, and never ever forget... YOU'RE WEAK!!

6) So what did you think of that snoozy episode? Can we PUH-LEEZE get back to squishing some sweet zombie skull? Put your opinions in the comments, and CHITTY-CHAT COURT DISMISSED!

I knew we shouldve taken that left turn in Albuquerque! GET IT?? Guys, Im just trying to make this episode more interesting.
  • Courtesy AMC
  • "I knew we should've taken that left turn in Albuquerque! GET IT?? Guys, I'm just trying to make this episode more interesting."